Se what Stand By Me means for you

All units in one place

For installers, Stand By Me offers an integrated environment to manage all your Daikin installations - from the first contact with your potential customers, to handing over the finished system. With all the tools and information you need, this all-in-one platform offers a database of your installations and warranties, and you can in the future enjoy the benefits of Internet-connected services such as managing customers' systems on the fly.

Complete servicelog

Use Stand By Me to keep track of all repairs and services preformed on a unit. Check if its in our out of warranty or add additional packages as extended warranty or remote connections.

Pros for you as installer

In addition to giving you a full overview of all your installations, Stand By Me can offer end customers to choose you as their service partner if their supplier has stopped working in the industry or if they want to switch to another service partner for another reason.

Pros for you, the installer

  • All units in one place
  • Complete servicelog
  • Pros for you as installer