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Se what benefits you can get

Collected overview of your system

When you register your unit on Stand By Me, you get access to all the service and maintenance history of your unit. You see what and when your facility has been maintained or repaired.

Easy access to your service partner

Your installer is automatically assigned the role of your service partner. He has a total overview of your particular installation and he knows what is optimal for your system. You don't need to keep invoices or phone numbers in order if you need service of your facility in the future, as you will find the information here.

Scheduled maintenance

Daikin recommends that your system be serviced according to a periodic schedule to ensure optimal operation. When you register with Stand By Me, we will suggest service at your system when needed. Your installer and you will receive an email with suggestions for servicing the system.

What are the pros?

  • Get an overview of all your systems and locations